Liquid Filling Automatic Packing Machine



Used for filling of free flowing liquids. Balances in cubic measures. All surfaces of the machine which are in touch with the product, touch screen, outer surfaces are made from stainless steel. All kinds of free flowing liquids like milk, fruit juice, water can be filled easily.

Technical Specifications


Height : 2.5 m
Width : 1.5 m
Length : 2 m
Weight : 450 kg
Supply Voltage: 380 V 50 Hz
Power : 2.5 Kw/hour
Air Pressure : 6 Bar
Air Consumption: 700 lt/min
Pack Width : 100-200 mm
Pack Length : 150-300 mm
Capacity : 10-15 pack/min


İlave Aksesuarlar

  • Sürekli otomatik besleme için elevatör
  • Mamül yürütme konveyörü
  • Tarih basan sıcak kodlama aparatı