4 Side Seal Packaging Machines (Overwrapping) are designed to pack single or multiple number solid prismatic products in line with the product manufacturers requirements and the products specifications.

Compact, easy use and operator friendly Flowpack Machines serve many different markets like cleaning, cosmetic, electrical products, toys, etc. The product range that the machine can pack products including cleaning rubber, wet towel, auto accessories, etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Modular platina frame
  • 304 quality stainless steel for surfaces contacting the product
  • Servo system with 4 disc, servo side sealing
  • Servo system for packing
  • Feeding belt conveyor with servo system
  • Capacity 30-50 Pack/min.
  • PLC and touch screen cotrolled system, OMRON brand
  • Servo system with photocell
  • Electrical consumption: 5 Kw
  • Selephone sizes :

Minimum Maximum

Width : 40 mm 220 mm

Length :50 mm 300 mm

Height : 10 mm 50 mm